5 11 2007


Indonesia Raya is Indonesian Anthem that was composed by Wage Rudolf Soepratman (1903-1938). This is the original version of the lyric – 


Indonesia Tanah Airkoe, Tanah Toempah Darahkoe
Disanalah Akoe Berdiri, Djadi Pandoe Iboekoe
Indonesia Kebangsaankoe Bangsa dan TanahAirkoe
Marilah Kita Berseroe Indonesia Bersatoe
Hidoeplah Tanahkoe, Hidoeplah Negrikoe
Bangsakoe Ra’jatkoe Semw’wanja
Bangoenlah Jiwanja, Bangoenlah Badannja
Oentoek Indonesia Raja


Indonesia Raya Merdeka Merdeka
Tanahkoe Negrikoe jang Koetjinta
Indonesia Raja Merdeka Merdeka
Hidoeplah Indonesia Raja

Indonesia Tanah jang Moelia, Tanah Kita jang Kaja
Di Sanalah Akoe Berdiri Oentoek Slama-lamanja
Indonesia Tanah Poesaka, Poesaka Kita Semoeanja
Marilah Kita Mendo’a Indonesia Bahagia
Soeboerlah Tanahnja, Soeboerlah Djiwanja
Bangsanja Ra’jatnja Sem’wanja
Sadarlah Hatinja Sadarlah Boedinja
Oentoek Indonesia Raja

Hear this anthem through this vdeo



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28 10 2011

Oh, My heroes….How many Indonesian can sing this song right now…?

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