The 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia

5 11 2007

This Constitution begins with Preamble, where the reasons and the objectives of the founding of the republic can be seen. This is the Preamble:


Whereas freedom is the inalienable right of all nations, colonialism must be abolished in this world as it is not in conformity with humanity and justice;

And the moment of rejoicing has arrived in the struggle of the Indonesian freedom movement to guide the people safely and well to the threshold of the independence of the state of Indonesia which shall be free, united, sovereign, just and prosperous;

By the grace of God Almighty and impelled by the noble desire to live a free national life, the people of Indonesia hereby declare their independence.

Subsequent thereto, to form a government of the state of Indonesia which shall protect all the people of Indonesia and their entire native land, and in order to improve the public welfare, to advance the intellectual life of the people and to contribute to the establishment of a world order based on freedom, abiding peace and social justice, the national independence of Indonesia shall be formulated into a constitution of the sovereign Republic of Indonesia which is based on the belief in the One and Only God, just and humanity, the unity of Indonesia, democracy guided by the inner wisdom of deliberations amongst representatives and the realization of social justice for all of the people of Indonesia.

For the whole Constitution read this



2 responses

14 02 2010

i am sad everytime i remember about our founding fathers dream of, to have a welfare country. it’s just like a dream. we are not growing better, it’s even worse. we are too proud to the glory in the past. i am afraid that i contribute with all those messy things. please forgive us dear God….

28 10 2011

La Tahzan, my siteren…Each person who wishes to the Almighty God will find the better, not the worse,,,please believe with me…I support you so much if you are sad because we have the similar sense to our country, the Indonesian…

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